Mission Statement
Centauri Advisory Group, Inc. seeks to provide its clients with professional investment advisory services, offering them proper investment planning and advice, longevity planning, and portfolio monitoring. We will emphasize efficient management of investment risk and preservation of capital. Our goal is to properly assess a client’s financial situation, then make proper recommendations to help them achieve appropriate investment results. We will then monitor their portfolio and make adjustments based on their needs and market conditions, while adhering to fiduciary duties and regulatory requirements.
Code of Ethics
  • Always place the interest of the clients first and never benefit at the expense of advisory clients.
  • Always act in an honest and ethical manner, including in connection with, and the handling and avoidance of, actual or potential conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships.
  • Always maintain the confidentiality of information concerning the identity of security holdings and financial circumstances of clients.
  • Fully comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of federal, state and local governments and other applicable regulatory agencies.
  • Proactively promote ethical and honest behavior with the Advisor, including, without limitation, the prompt reporting of violations of, and being accountable for adherence to, this Code of Ethics.
Our Firm
Centauri Advisory Group, Inc. is a private, multi-generational, 100% employee-owned, Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). We manage the assets of both medium and high net-worth individuals and institutional investors. Combining more than 100 years of financial experience our firm’s ownership and management is always seeking a better way to help manage your money. We believe in times of uncertainty that sound management, proper defensive strategies, and investment balance can be all effective in minimizing losses while still offering the opportunity for higher returns. There is a saying that “defense wins championships” and we believe defense is also a sound strategy when it comes to navigating today’s financial markets. We specialize in the conservative investor, asset protection, and stability of principle. Managing investment risk wisely means protecting downside, while still taking advantage of opportunities in the markets when they are warranted. Our many years of investment experience can help us share some valuable ideas for you. We formed our advisory firm to give us an opportunity to better serve our client’s investment needs. In today’s ever-changing world a few good ideas can go a long way. We intend to provide that through proper management. Ownership & Management of Centauri Advisory Group, Inc. C. Scott Ellis – CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional – Chief Operating Officer R. Douglas Falk – CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional – Chief Financial Officer Kevin E. Phillis – Chartered Financial Consultant® – Chief Executive Officer Tyler D. Falk – Investment Advisor Representative – Vice President

Important Client Disclosures
ADV - Investment Adviser Public Disclosure

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